Yamaha Chases First Trail-E Title

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Yamaha has finalised its entry in the 2019 FIM Trial-E Cup with the TY-E electric trials bike for the second successive year. Kenichi Kuroyama will once again ride for the Yamaha Factory Racing Team as he aims to clinch the title win that he narrowly missed last year, finishing 2nd overall by just three points.

The Trial-E Cup began in 2017 with just a single round, but that number was increased to two last season. This third season of the competition will again consist of two rounds, held alongside Round 3 of the FIM Trial World Championship in Zelhem in the Netherlands (June 22–23) and Round 4 in Comblain-au-Pont in Belgium (June 29–30).

“Last year I won the first round but narrowly missed the win in the second, and that ended up costing me the title,” said Kenichi Kuroyama. “It was a really frustrating and disappointing result for me. I feel like there was so much more I could have done, so I’m really happy to have another chance this year. From my experience in the Trial-E Cup last year, I realised that even though it’s a trials event just like any other, there are a lot of differences between gas and electric bikes and it was also a big challenge mentally. This time I’ll be coming in with some experience, so I’m mentally ready for it. I want to take the TY-E to the top and take an FIM title back home with me this time so please look forward to what we do this year.”

Kuroyama has a record 11 All Japan Trial Championship titles and has finished a career-best 3rd in the FIM Trial World Championship. He is riding for the Yamaha Factory Racing Team in the All Japan Trial Championship’s premier IA Super class.

The TY-E made its debut in the Trial-E Cup with Kuroyama last year. The bike is part of Yamaha Motor’s Evolving R&D programme. This initiative allows employees in the Research and Development Section to use 5% of their working hours at their discretion for voluntary, independent research not bound by conventional frameworks in order to spur innovation.

The bike’s features include 1) a compact, high-rotation, high-power motor with both powerful low-speed torque and long-lasting acceleration, 2) motor control technology delivering excellent response and a feeling of power from the extremely low to high-speed range, 3) a power unit equipped with a mechanical clutch to ensure instantaneous power and control, and a flywheel optimised for the electric motor to provide excellent traction, 4) compact, lightweight components like the newly designed, compact high-output battery pack, 5) a CFRP monocoque frame made as light as possible while securing optimal rigidity and space for the battery pack, and 6) extremely slim styling that does not interfere with the dynamic rider actions characteristic of trials.

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