Tough second day of ADDC for Vendetta Racing

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Despite fuel issues for McBride, and a long and challenging ride for the entire team, all
Vendetta Racing riders make it safely through the stage

Day two of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge proved to be a very long and hot day for all
three riders of the Milwaukee Tools sponsored Vendetta Racing Team.

McBride left the bivouac with fuelling issues, as the fuel pump on the rear tank of his KTM
Rally decided not to work when the bikes were started up in the morning. He rode into the
stage knowing that around 140kms in he would have to stop and manually transfer fuel
from the rear tanks to the front in order to reach the refuel point and potentially have to do
it again prior to the end. Not a great start to a Marathon stage but the distances to refuel
tomorrow should work in his favour.

Childs and Kelly, like most riders today were struggling with the heat. All three VR riders
caught each other up not long after the refuel, and after stopping to assist others on the
route they made the decision to ride together.
But most importantly, they all made it through the stage and are still in good spirits and
ready for tomorrow.

Team Vendetta Results:
130 – Tom Childs FB-tom.childs.750
132 – William McBride @william_mcbride_ni
132 – Oran Kelly @oran.okelly

Bike Middle East will be following the team throughout the rally.

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