Ridden – 2023 Fantic XXF 450

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Fast, fun and fantastic, the Fantic 450 makes its mark.

I remember saying in my mind “Fantic is just how Italians say Yamaha”, with a smirk on my face moments before hitting the starter button… I had to wipe the smirk off my face as soon as that engine barked into life.

And I do mean barked in a literal sense here. Although the bikes engine and frame are sourced from Yamaha’s highly praised and fully redesigned 2023 YZ450F and as well as its trick electronics package with launch control and traction control, Fantic’s own engine mapping, different plastics, different switchgear, mark it as a different beast to the Yamaha. It also feels like it has a more rounded saddle and definitely has a deep barky note courtesy of Arrow exhaust fitted as standard.

Throwing a boot over the Fantic XXF 450 makes several things clear. The rider triangle feel compact like you are ready to attack anything, yet the bike is very stable at high speeds. The KYB SSS suspension does a great job at soaking up both large bumps and jumps, as well as small undulations. But more impressively it unlocks an almost telepathic level of communication with the front and rear tires. This level of confidence, combined with the powerful Nissin brakes means you can break impressively hard and still have great control over the machine.

The Fantic XXF 450 absolutely rails berms and is forgiving if you enter a little too hot. In such cases the back end likes to oversteer gently. On flat corners the back does like to step out spiritedly, but controllably (and playfully) as long as you are aware.

The engine in the XXF 450 is powerful and predictable with smooth and linear power delivery all across the rev range. It has very useable low to mid RPM, but the engine is at its happiest when its singing at those higher RPMs. Overall, the Fantic XXF 450 is a great machine that encourages you to ride fast and rewards fast rides. Plus it looks good doing it.

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