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Review: MV Agusta F3 and F4 at the Dubai Autodrome

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Bike Middle East tests the MV Agusta F3 and F4 back to back on track

One of the perks of writing about bikes is that we occasionally get invited to some stellar events. One such event was the MV Agusta UAE track day at Dubai Autodrome, where the famous Italian brand showed off their latest range of bikes.

The bikes on offer including the Turismo Veloce, Brutale 800, F3 675 and the flagship F4 1000. But being at the track we decided the best use of the day would be to take the F3 and F4 and test them head to head. To be fair to the bikes we took them as delivered for one session each and then made some “track ready” suspension tweaks to see how much we could get from each bike.

Starting with the F3 675 for the first session to get accustomed with the brands on track feel we thought the small capacity bike was the best starting point. Hopping on the F3 for the first time was great, the slim tank line, comfortable seat height and with ergo feeling controls, it was easy to feel at home in the saddle. Firing her up and hearing the triple come to life is very different to the other brands and the Akrapovic pipe made it an even better experience.

Heading out onto the track finding confidence in the bike out of the box was a little challenging as the front rebound and compression were not allowing the bike to hold a line confidently under brakes. At the end of the sessions we brought her back in and slowed the front end down to gain some more confidence for session two.

Once we had the front end dialed in the bike was a different machine, with good feel. With the way the bike was now turning we had the chance to push the limits a little more and make the most of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres the bike comes equipped with. The 675 engine has more than enough power to excite, and the smooth and impressive torque curve was great to get some punch out of the corners and onto the straights. Pushing at a faster pace we found the cornering smooth and nimble when transitioning from left to right, for which we can thank the counter rotating crank.

Moving onto the F4 you notice the difference in the size of the bike instantly, from the longer tank and what felt like more aggressive riding position, to the overall weight of the bike. This 1000cc beast was going to be a lot more machine.

Heading out onto the track you can immediately feel the 200hp at the crank and the masses of torque from the bike. Pulling onto the main straight and getting to wide open throttle was a blast every lap. Into the corners we suffered from the same problem at the F3 with vague feeling suspension, as no adjustments had been made. So, as you’ve probably guessed, we headed back to pits for a few tweaks.

Our final session for the day we had the bike dialed in and were able to push it much further, having a lot more confidence and feel from the machine. Being able to utilize the power out of the corners we had the traction control light flashing as the rear was spinning quite happily out of the turns.

After parking up the bikes, some conversation with other riders and reflection our choice for the track would be the F3 675. The F4 1000 was a rocket ship and for some people the bigger engine will be what they want in their garage. But for us the 675 is a great mix of everything you need for both track and road. It’s lightweight and has smooth power and torque delivery, along with comfortable riding position.

With MV you get all that Italian heritage, as well as stunning design, but with the 675 you also get an amazing all-rounder that will keep you very happy indeed.

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