Pirelli Scorpion Rally wins Motorrad test

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The Pirelli Scorpion Rally has won the comparative enduro on/off road tyre test organised by the famous German magazine Motorrad, declaring them the best tyres in this popular segment.

The magazine compared the Scorpion Rally with Metzeler’s Karoo 3, Michelin’s Anakee Wild, Bridgestone’s AX 41, Continental’s TKC 80, and Mitas’ E-07+. All the tyres (120/70-19 front and 170/60-17 rear) were tested on six BMW R 1250 GS bikes. The test was carried out in Sardinia on a five-day route that included country roads, dirt and off-road tracks.

The comparative test was divided into four parts: the ride on asphalt, the off-road use, the wet test and tyre wear. A score was assigned to each part, based on the individual parameters.

For the asphalt test, criteria such as handling, steering precision, cornering stability,  cornering grip, traction in acceleration, stability at full load, braking reaction, behaviour in ‘limit’ conditions, noise and stopping distance at 100 km/h were all taken into consideration.

In off-road use, in addition to handling, parameters such as grip on dirt, grip on mud, ‘holding a line’ and braking behaviour were evaluated.

During the wet test, carried out in the Bridgestone test circuit near Rome, handling, steering precision, cornering grip, traction in acceleration, behaviour in extreme conditions and braking capacity were assessed.

The last point was assessed on the basis of results obtained in terms of stopping distance at 100 kms/h, speed in the Omega section and lap time. Finally, a score was also assigned for the wear of the front and rear tyres.

Pirelli’s Scorpion Rally was declared the winner thanks to its wet performance combined with the characteristics demonstrated on dry surfaces both on asphalt and off-road. In the final standings, the tyre achieved 387 points, out of a total of 500 available.

Final standings:

1) Pirelli Scorpion Rally – score 387/500

2) Metzeler Karoo 3 – score 383/500

3) Bridgestone AX 41 – score 380/500

3) Continental TKC 80 – score 380/500

5) Mitas E-07+ – score 364/500

6) Michelin Anakee Wild – score 358/500

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