Metzeler Tyres takes three North West 200 wins

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German tyre brand Metzeler enjoyed a major share of the spoils at the 2019 North West 200, the opening round of the road racing season. Metzeler riders took victory in the Superbike, Superstock and Supertwin races alongside additional podiums in the Supersport category.

The now traditional Thursday evening races saw disaster strike Seeley as he crashed out whilst battling for the lead, however both Harrison and Hillier were able to reach the podium with second and third. The opening Superstock race saw Irwin kick off his North West 200 with a second place whilst the Supertwin race saw a podium clean sweep as Stefano Bonetti took his maiden International Road Race victory ahead of Jamie Coward and Michael Rutter.

With weather taking a turn for the main race day, action was heavily delayed as rain soaked the nine mile circuit.

After delays for heavy rain, the event finally got underway with a six lap Supersport race, Derek McGee narrowly missed out on victory, eventually securing second place at the chequered flag but set the fastest lap of the race in the process.

The opening Superbike race was reduced to four laps, with the circuit quickly drying. Hillier and Irwin immediately took the lead, edging away from the rest of the field and battling it out to the final lap, Irwin was able to slice past his team mate at the Juniper chicane to claim his fourth North West 200 Superbike win in a row and making it a Metzeler 1-2.

Christian Elkin and Michael Rutter took second and third place in the second Supertwin race whilst the last Superstock race saw Hillier scorch off the line and pull away to take his maiden North West victory ahead of Metzeler-shod newcomer Richard Cooper, who took a sensational second place.

The second Superbike race was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather.

Overall North West 200 Race results:

Supersport Race 1

1) Lee Johnston

2) Dean Harrison

3) James Hillier

Superstock Race 1

1) Peter Hickman

2) Glenn Irwin

3) Michael Dunlop

Supertwin Race 1

1) Stefano Bonetti

2) Jamie Coward

3) Michael Rutter

Supersport Race 2

1) Davey Todd

2) Derek McGee

3) Conor Cummins

Superbike Race 1

1) Glenn Irwin

2) James Hillier

3) Conor Cummins

Supertwin Race 2

1) Jeremy McWilliams

2) Christian Elkin

3) Michael Rutter

Superstock Race 2

1) James Hillier

2) Richard Cooper

3) Davey Todd

Superbike Race 2

*Cancelled due to weather

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