Gamers! MotoGP 23 in here

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The latest instalment in the renowned MotoGP video game series has just been released worldwide

With the Middle East summer now well and truly here, fair weather riders can now get their on-track kicks in the adrenaline-fueled world of MotoGP™23! The latest instalment of the popular game has just been released globally, offering an immersive and thrilling racing experience across multiple gaming platforms.

Developed by Milestone, MotoGP 23 takes both gamers and racing enthusiasts on an unforgettable journey through the MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, and the MotoE seasons.

The new version introduces a redesigned career mode that allows players to shape their path to becoming riding legends. Turning Points, a new feature, enables players’ choices and performances to impact their careers and bike development. Also, the inclusion of a fictional social network adds an extra layer of depth, fostering interactions with other riders and teams beyond the racetrack.

MotoGP 23 caters to players of all skill levels with the introduction of Neural Aids. These aids assist newcomers in mastering braking, acceleration, and handling. The popular MotoGP Academy also returns, providing specialised training sessions for players looking to refine their techniques.

There’s also the multiplayer experience, including cross-play functionality, ranked races, a 2-player local split-screen feature, and a range of customization tools from designing flamboyant helmets and customising bikes to creating personalised racing numbers and designing your own patches for racing suits.

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