A hot day in the sun for the Vendetta Racing Team on day four of the ADDC

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With a heavy fall, one sick rider and challenging weather to contend with, the Milwaukee
Tools sponsored Vendetta Racing Team safely complete the second last day

​A mixed bag of feelings for the Vendetta team today. Childs had an off before the refuel, which was bad enough to set off his air bag vest.

Unfortunately after that he just couldn’t find a rhythm, dropping the bike several times
through the stage, which saps energy at the best of times. But as today was another hot
windy one, it made for a grueling day.​​

Kelly had another good day, steady and consistent, which is the key to having a great race.
McBride wasn’t feeling great in the morning, but after a few sea sickness tablets for
breakfast he clawed back the time he had lost for the fuel pump issues earlier in the week.
Day five sees the fast run back north for the team, ending at YAS Marina for the podium

​​Team Vendetta Results:
130 – Tom Childs FB-tom.childs.750
132 – William McBride @william_mcbride_ni
132 – Oran Kelly @oran.okelly

Bike Middle East will be following the team throughout the rally.

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