This one is unique!

Take one Ducati 796 and add craftsmanship, imagination and the skill of 6 men and you end up with a unique café racer that embodies the innovation necessary for a truly bespoke motorcycle experience. Traditional crafts brought to a new level of cooperation have delivered this exceptional project. The bike is the brainchild of TRESOR co-founder, Anthony Vischer, a motorcycle enthusiast and collector.

Mechanic, Adrian Frommherz, started building “custom bicycles” at 5, moving on to motorcycles by 15. After working for BMW as a foreign trade and wholesale specialist he is back to building motorcycles.

Metalsmith, Reto Berger, studied physics before becoming a smith and oven builder. Using many of the same techniques the silversmiths in Alchemy, the body of the bike was created from only 3 sheets of aluminium, a material extremely hard to mold. The frame was slightly altered to accommodate the bodywork.

Boat builder, Jan Lüscher, learned his trade at the renowned boat company Pedrazzini in Switzerland. Currently working as set builder at the Opera House in Zürich. Jan created all the custom wood components and metal inlays using mahogany veneer and clear boat paint.

Leather worker, Andy Mackay, has had numerous assignments that reflect his skill: high-end leather tooling for Jet Aviation and Vitra among them. Using techniques borrowed from luxury aircraft building and classic cars Andy created the seats for the bike.

Bike builder and physical therapist Tobi Doppler, who owns his own custom shop, called Therapy Bikes was in charge of project coordination and handling, ensuring that the project was ready for the fair.

These master craftsmen worked together to create this emotional project. The design evolved through making and was lead by Adrian Frommherz and Jan Lüscher.


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