New movie set to throw the spotlight on sidecar racing at TT

VIDEO: ‘3 Wheeling’, produced by Isle of Man based company Beaumanx Productions, is set to boost the profile of sidecar racing at the Isle of Man TT. The cinematic production is a behind the scenes reality movie that chronicles the fortunes of the sidecar crews as they prepare and race at the 2016 Isle of Man TT.

The film focuses on the leading driver 17-time TT race winner Dave Molyneux, as well as former Sidecar World Champion Tim Reeves and their fearless passengers Dan Sayle and Patrick Farrance, as they prepare to tackle the TT Mountain Course.

The movie also gives a compelling insight into the role of team managers Austrian 3-time TT race winner and former Sidecar World Champion Klaus 'Klaffi' Klaffenböck, who now manages Reeves’ outfit and Andy Faragher, who runs Molyneux’s sidecar campaign.

From the paddocks to parc fermé and the pit lane, 3 Wheeling goes behind the scenes with all the highs, lows, thrills and disappointments. The action follows all the drama from the inside, throughout practice week and during the two Sure Sidecar TT races.

Producer Chris Beauman commented: “This has been a labour of love for everyone associated with the production and the driving force behind the movie is to showcase the spectacular sport of sidecar racing to a wider audience and to show the great film talent we have here on the Isle of Man. We will initially be screening 3 Wheeling on the Isle of Man before and during TT, but we are keen to talk to film distributors and broadcasters who may be interested in showing the movie internationally.”

Director Nathan Russell-Raby commented: “This production has been a mammoth undertaking for our very talented Manx-based crew, who over the course of the last 10 months have worked incredibly hard to wow fans of sidecars and cinema alike. There’s always a story at the TT but 2016 exceeded our expectations, hitting our ensemble of entertaining characters with the most cinematic narrative we ever could have hoped for. I am extremely excited to finally hand this film over to its audience!”

3 Wheeling will be initially screening on the Isle of Man at the Broadway Cinema in the Villa Marina from Sunday 7th May and there will be daily screenings during TT fortnight.


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