Meet the Loon BS501

This is or was a Husqvarna FE 501 until David and Dominik from LOON for their hands on it and turned it into the LOON BS 501.

The aim of the build was to create a 2-in-1 bike, without having to alter the frame or wire harness and thereby sacrificing on any performance. They started off with a 60+ horsepower, ready to race 2017 model Husqvarna FE 501, usually a genuine hard enduro bike and stated building a custom bike that was functional with an emphasis on performance.

So let us get down to the facts about the bike.

The fuel tank is made of 1.5mm thick sheet metal specially manufactured to house the original fuel pump. The seat consists of an aluminum panel with a leather cover. The seat also covers up the electrics and is held by a powder-coated sub-frame.

The sub-frame consists of 18mm steel pipe and the 1.5 mm thick rear fender attaches straight to it. The rear brake light is attached just below the fender. An Acrapovic titanium slip-on rounds off the rear of the bike.

In order to lower the front end, the WP suspension was shortened 50mm. This helped to obtain a lower point of gravity to enhance the on-road performance.

To illuminate your ride in the dark, they have attached a bright LED front light with a specially designed lamp housing. The scrambler version of the LOON BS 501 comes with 2.15X18 wheels and Heindenau tires.

You think a scrambler is too boring or are you in to have some fun at a trackday? No problem, just swap the wheels to a set of tubeless Alpina supermoto (3,5x16,5 / 5x17) wheels, along with a Magura radial brake cylinder with a 4 piston brake caliper.

And the best is that this is a “Custom-Kit”. The sub-frame bolts on to the original frame. The fuel tank is also made to fit the original rubber receptors. All original electrical connectors fit the custom parts.

This bike will be available in a small batch for Husqvarna and KTM. For more information check out


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