45% reduction in accidents at Freedom Pizza #RideSafeUAE

Freedom Pizza, the home-grown UAE pizza delivery company, announces a 45% reduction in motorcycle accidents with their drivers in the past eighteen months. In late 2015 Freedom Pizza launched the Safety Delivered campaign spearheading safety amongst the UAE roads, which continues to prove to be a huge success.

To ensure safety was put first, Freedom Pizza’s 125 delivery drivers attended a driver safety training workshop with Ride Safe UAE during the last quarter of 2016, which contributed to the reduction of accidents of its drivers in 2017.  In addition to the training, drivers were issued with a DOT/ECE certified Life Helmet, safety boots, new bikes and a new uniform, with full CE rated body armour, which would protect them in the result of an accident.

Freedom Pizza has reported that those drivers who were unfortunate enough to have an accident had significantly less serious injuries than previous years; due to the protection from the new safety gear. One such driver, Ghulam Abbas, who has been a driver at Freedom Pizza for five years, came off his bike whilst traveling across Business Bay Crossing. Abbas comments “I was travelling when my bike hit a patch of oil and I lost control. If it was not for the new safety gear, I would have been seriously injured and off work for several weeks. With the safety gear, I only had a few bruises and was back to work two days later”.

Freedom Pizza’s founder and CEO, Ian Ohan, comments “We invested heavily in this initiative and are very pleased with the results. The decision to provide high-quality safety gear was purely driven by the necessity to be a responsible business. Freedom Pizza is ethically and morally bound to ensure the safety of our drivers, by providing not just new and well maintained delivery bikes, but both medical and workmen's compensation insurances. We will continue to invest in the safety of all our employees and ensure it remains a top priority”.

Brian Cartwright, the founder of Ride Safe UAE, comments “We believe everyone should be committed to road safety awareness, especially companies that employ drivers. Employers have an obligation to ensure their riders are wearing the correct safety and equipment and have a high awareness of what safe riding actually means. We have been working closely with Freedom Pizza, who have made serious efforts to improve the safety of their 125 delivery riders”.  



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